Writing a magazine article ks2 sats

If you want a good example of writing persuasively, look no further than the world of advertising!

Writing a magazine article ks2 sats

Modeling the Process 1. Show students another issue of an age-appropriate magazine. Review and activate background knowledge by asking students to state the ways in which the magazine cover's headlines and graphics express the content of the magazine.

Like magazine publishers, textbook publishers must use headlines and graphics to summarize and to make each chapter's content memorable.

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Tell students that they will have an opportunity to create a magazine cover that represents a chapter in their textbook. Model the process by asking students to open their textbooks to a specific chapter they have already read.

Review the chapter by leading your students on a picture walk. As you conduct the picture walk, point out bold-type headings as well as maps, graphs, pictures, and captions.

writing a magazine article ks2 sats

Ask students to share a few items that they remember learning from this chapter. Tell students that they will work together as a class to identify the main ideas that should be included on a magazine cover about the chapter.

Guide this process by: Reminding them that textbook publishers often use bold-type headings to indicate main ideas. Students could use the bold-type headings to quickly find the main ideas Asking them to skim the summary or review at the end of the textbook chapter to locate the main ideas of the chapter Encouraging them to examine pictures contained in the text and to consider whether the pictures' captions represent main ideas of the text As students identify main ideas, write their responses on the chalkboard, white board, chart paper, or on a computer with a projection screen.

Tell students that you will now use the list of important details they developed to create a magazine cover based on the chapter. Using an LCD projector so that everyone can clearly see the demonstration, create a magazine cover in your selected tool to reflect the textbook chapter see Preparation, Step 2.

Thinking aloud as you work, model the process by taking one of the main ideas on the students' list and typing it as a headline for your cover.

writing a magazine article ks2 sats

Remind students of the importance of selecting a font size and color that is easily legible. Discuss the importance of selecting graphics that are eye-catching and highly relevant to the headline.

For example, place a graphic on the cover and ask students if they feel that the selected graphic illustrates the headline. If students disagree with your choice, invite them to help you select a more appropriate graphic.Significant Learning Outcomes The learner will be able to: Ø discover the characteristics of magazines Ø compare the difference between a newspaper and a magazine Ø write a magazine article Ø discuss various magazine writing styles Ø identify the contents of a magazine.

The "listicle," arguably popularized by Buzzfeed, is a sort of catchall phrase for any article that appears in the form of a list. Often, there are 8 Tips For Writing A Listicle That Will Get. and SATS papers SATS papers for previous years can be found through the Worksheet Finder and on the Improve your child's SATS results page.

KS2 Writing | How to Write Persuasively to Convince Others

If the document does not download when you reach the next screen, right click on the document title to save to your computer before opening. SATs Key Stage 1 comprises of Year 1 and Year 2 and pupils’ ages range from This Key Stage normally covers pupils in infant school, but they can also form part of a first or primary school.

There is a phonics screening done at the end of Year 1, but the main assessment is done at the end of Year 2. > > > Magazine Cover Name:_____ Due: _____ Your cover must have: The title of the magazine (should be the biggest writing on the cover. Check other magazines and see where they place their titles).

The publication month A one or two word statement about each of your major articles. Feb 18,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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